Thursday, 31 December 2009

Bye bye knee injury.. Where have my reps gone?

My knee is as good as it's going to be so its back to the iron. Unfortunately all my gains have gone after taking such a long time out. My T levels feel way down too which has inspired me to train more than anything. If I compare how I feel to how I was in my Hong Kong holiday earlier in the year I'm at 30%.

There's no point pissing about with 20kg kettlebells, so I'm back on the 24's even though my strength is way down.

Here's my comeback routine in a bloody cold Warwick park.

Double 24 OHP : 1x4, 1x3, 1x4
Renegade rows : 3x10 (l,r)
Single OH lung : 1x10 (l,r) failed on the left
Double 24 squats : 3x5

Let's get back up to 5x5 overhead presses and then think about a 32kg kettlebell.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Back in..

Hmm... My left knee suffered after going back to BJJ class a couple of times and isn't quite right still but since my T levels seemed to be on the wain I thought I should start training again.

Since this is a return session I kept it light. I was also pushed for time and still unsure about the strength of my left knee.

Single KB (24kg) Mil Press (5r 3l x3)
OH KB Alternating Lunges (10 KB OH R, 7 KB OH L) then (5 KB OH R, 5 KB OH L) x2
Single KB Squat (5 R, 5 L)

Just seven sets but my knee felt alright. I might move back to twin 20kg KB for the next session.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

tired stop gap work out

It's past 11pm and I've been at work all day long..

I'm tired but I wanted to work out.. Took 5mg Creapure with some orange juice an hour or so b4 workout.. Everything was done in my flat...

DB KB Squats 12, 10, 10
30kg Overhead Pull 12, 10, 12
Curls 10x3 (l,r)

felt pukey again.. need dextrose.. Just a fill in workout.. better do this than nothing

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Nutrition plan

Ok.. One serving of One-stop has all my multi vits, ZMA, creatine, L-Glutamine in it but it recommends taking two servings a day?.. Why? I'm doubling up on what I need.

Each tub has 28 servings so at 2 servings a day that's two tubs a month. That's £60.

Here's a better idea.

Non training day : take one serving at night. That'll give me my creatine for the day (5g) and ZMA/Multi Vits.

Training day : One hour before the workout take 5g creatine with fruit juice. After workout make a protein shake with added fresh fruit. One-stop serving at night.

Result : one tub a month, no doubling up the vitamins. I have 3 tubs here so that's three months supply now. I will need to buy some protein powder and creatine though. My fruit intake will increase too.

5x5 success

first news

DB OH KB press 24kg 5x5! ... that's one goal reached..
Chin Ups 12,10,10,10,8

DB KB Squats 10,10,10,8.. ran out of energy..

Yep, that feeling is back.. pukey, lack of sugar, energy crash...

I'm quite curious about creatine and how to deal with it. Going to look into taking it an hour or so b4 training. It's one of the few supplements that works..

Friday, 5 June 2009

To maca or not?

Not much to say here, I'm just leaving this post as a reminder to myself. I've looked up maca as a supplement and it seems to not improve hormone levels but it does improve sexual desire through other methods after a few weeks.

Should I buy maca? no.

ZMA or not..

I thought I'd just Google Scholar search for research done on ZMA as it's one of the supplements I pay for. Basically, is it worth my money?

First impression. You make gains 95% from putting in the hard work!. I am gaining weight and having improved hormone levels mainly from my workouts, not a magic pill. But still, is it worth spending the extra on a all-in-one powder with ZMA and creatine inside?

First look.. ZMA

Brilla and Conte (2000) ran a positive research test on off season footballers that showed T and IGF-I levels increasing in the off season compared to the control group having a mild reduction in levels. Another paper had no perceptible increases in hormone or body composition. Parvin et al (1995) tested zinc on strength levels over 8 weeks on women and did not find any significant improvements.

One positive research paper doesn't prove the subject especially when there was only really one other comparable paper that had no significant results. Does it improve sleep? Maybe.. again hard to confirm.

So should I buy it? At about £10 a month, no. But if it comes as part of an all-in-one powder then its an awful lot cheaper, why not?